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Poplarville: Where To Go for Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 8, 2024

As Valentine’s Day envelopes Poplarville in a romantic hue, our town transforms into a haven of love and celebration. This special month is not just about the traditional expressions of love but a reflection of the diverse and vibrant spirit of our community. This February, Poplarville invites you to embrace the spirit of love and community, celebrating the myriad ways we can connect and share joy in our delightful town.

Start with a Sweet Treat

Begin your day at Popa’s Donuts, a local favorite known for its homemade donuts and other fresh-baked goods. A sweet start to the day is always a good idea, especially on Valentine’s Day. Then, for a caffeine fix, head over to Main Street Coffee Co, where you can enjoy locally roasted brew and fresh-baked muffins and cookies.  And don’t forget there’s Java Moe’s Coffee Company across from the college.

Explore and Shop

Take some time to learn about the town at the Poplarville Chamber of Commerce. They have maps and informative publications that can guide your exploration. Then, indulge in some retail therapy at charming local shops like Apples Ltd.,  Delta Dawn Gifts or Petunia Pete’s for a variety of clothing and accessories,

Dining Options

When it comes to dining, Poplarville offers several delightful options. The Way Out West Grill, located next to a gift shop, allows you to combine shopping and dining. For those craving Italian, Deb’s Pasta and Pizza is a great choice. If seafood is more your style, Perry’s Seafood is the place to go. Sticky Sauce BBQ – it’s all in the name!  Thinking Chinese, check out Best Wok.  What about Japanese – check out Lora Japanese Cuisine and for a taste of Mexican cuisine, El Mariachi offers a flavorful experience.

Unique Valentine’s Day Events

Poplarville also hosts unique events around Valentine’s Day. The BYM Sweetheart Fest at Barnyard Marketplace features live pet portraits on February 10th, perfect for couples who love animals. For a cultural experience, the Spring Variety Show at the Brownstone Center for the Arts on February 29th offers an evening of entertainment.

Embrace the Outdoors

Don’t forget to explore the great outdoors. Poplarville is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, making it perfect for a romantic walk or picnic. Visiting local blueberry farms like Pearl River Blues Berry Farm in Lumberton, MS can be a sweet and unique date idea.

End with a Sweet Note

Finally, if you have room for dessert, Pearl River Drug & Soda Fountain offers classic treats in a nostalgic setting, perfect for ending your Valentine’s Day on a sweet note.

Poplarville is a town that may be small in size but is big in heart, especially on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s through its quaint shops, delicious eateries, or special events, it offers a range of experiences that can make your Valentine’s Day memorable​.


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